Pine Bark Extract 4:1

  • Pine Bark Extract is investigated for its general health and anti-diabetic properties and its ability to enhance Nitric Oxide, which may have a significant benefit for those with erectile dysfunction. Recent studies have also shown that supplementation may help to limit symptoms associated with chronic inflammation in autoimmune disease.

    *Capsule variant contains approximately 200mg Pink Bark Extract per 1 capsule serving.

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  • Studies and reports indicate that Pine Bark Extract may:
    • Prevent decreases in neurotransmitters dopamine & norepinephrine 
    • Increase blood flow and cerebral circulation
    • Help to prevent neurodegenerative disease
  • 1) - Pine Bark Extract

    2) - Pine Bark Extract

    3) - Pine Bark Extract

    4) - Pine Bark Extract

  • Although doses in the range of 40-60mg have been noted to be effective over a prolonged period of time, standard doses of Pine Bark Extract appear to be in the range of 100-200 mg per day.

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