Lion's Mane 30% Extract

  • Lion’s Mane is an ancient medicinal mushroom with powerful properties. It is a proven neuro-protectant that may also enhance brain function, fight anxiety and depression, and even promote neurogenesis.


    • Extract: Minimum 30% Polysaccharides (From Fruiting Body)
    • Method: Dual Extraction (Water/Ethanol)
    • Source: Basswood farm, Mount Holyoke (Anhui, China) 

    *Capsule variant contains approximately 700mg Lion's Mane 30% Extract per 1 capsule serving, no fillers, excipients or any other inactive ingredients.

    *Powder variants come with a free orange measuring scoop that measures approximately 430mg Lion's Mane 30% Extract per compressed level scoop.

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  • Studies and reports indicate that Lion's Mane Extract may:
    • Enhance Memory & Brain Function
    • Assist With Neuroprotection & Nerve Growth Factor
    • Decrease Depression & Anxiety
    • Be An Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory & Immunostimulatory
  • 1) - Lion's Mane

    2) - Lion's Mane

    3) - Lion's Mane

    4) - Lion's Mane

  • For a commonly available 10:1 extract (30% polysaccharide content), a typical dosage to experience its effects ranges from 500-3000 mg per day.

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