Chaga 30% Extract

  • Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that is said to aid in general health and immune strength. Chaga extract can also restore the levels of acetylcholine during oxidative stress. Acetylcholine promotes learning and memory, and increasing its availability can provide nootropic benefits.


    • Extract: Minimum 30% Polysaccharides (From Fruiting Body)
    • Method: Dual Extraction (Water/Ethanol)
    • Source: Basswood farm, Mount Holyoke (Anhui, China) 

    *Capsule variant contains approximately 700mg Chaga 30% Extract per 1 capsule serving, no fillers, excipients or any other inactive ingredients.

    *Powder variants come with a free orange measuring scoop that measures approximately 430mg Chaga 30% Extract per compressed level scoop.

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  • Studies and reports indicate that Chaga Mushroom Extract may:
    • Protects Nerves From Oxidative Stress
    • Stimulate The Immune System
    • Reduce Imflammation
    • Increase Physical Endurance
    • Boosts Acetylcholine To Promote Memory & Learning
  • 1) - Chaga Mushroom

    2) - Chaga Mushroom

    3) - Chaga Mushroom

  • A good starting place is around 500mg, not exceeding 1000 mg daily.

    It is important to speak with your doctor before you start taking Chaga mushroom extract or any other Chaga supplement to reduce the risk of drug interactions and side effects.

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