C60 MCT Oil

A powerful antioxidant, C60 combined with an oil solution delivers its power right into the cell membranes of the body, increasing the efficiency of energy production and protecting mitochondria from damage.

Studies show an improvement in cell health, reduction in the effects of aging, including wrinkles, skin damage, and sun exposure. Additionally, by Increasing the health of these cells, observations of increased energy, endurance, and reduced exercise recovery time were found.

C60 has been observed to improve overall physical and mental health and help contribute to an increased lifespan.

Available in 100ml & 500ml (Upon request)  


  • The C60 is a solution made from 99.95% ultra-pure & solvent-free C60 (imported from the USA) 
  • Blended (for a minimum of 2 weeks) with MCT Oil from South Africa.
  • After which is filtered to remove all excess particles and contaminants before bottling.  
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