The Uridine Stack

  • The Uridine Stack is a combination of nutrients that aims to improve memory in ageing adults and provides the primary precursors for synapse formation. These are omega-3 fatty acids (DHA & EPA), uridine (as triacetyluridine) and choline (as CDP Choline).

    The stack as a whole supports growth of neural tissue and the protective phospholipid material around it. Having a well-connected and healthy set of dendritic pathways in the brain can improve both mood and cognition, as functionality is restored and/or optimised.

  • The NeuroActive Uridine Stack includes the following products:

    1x Uridine Monophosphate (1 container, 20g)

    1x CDP-Choline (1 container, 10g)

    2x Revite Omega 3 Ultra (1 container, 30 capsules)

    *Standard dosage for The Uridine Stack is is 240mg Uridine Monophosphate, 200mg of CDP-Choline & 1 Omega 3 Ultra Capsule twice per day.

    *For more product information please follow the links to each respective product page.

  • Studies and reports indicate that The Uridine Stack may:
    • Increase memory & learning
    • Slow down general cognitive decline
    • Increase synaptogenesis & neurogenesis
    • Increase myelation & free phosphatidylcholine
    • Increase dopamine receptor densities
    • Improve lipid membrane health


  • Obtaining the RDA for B group vitamins from food or supplements should be part of any normal daily regimen, but if you are going to take The Uridine Stack, it is a suggested requirement to take a multi-B vitamin with it, regardless of your diet.

    1) - Uridine Stack

    2) Souvenaid - Uridine Formulation

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