NeuroActive Instant

  • NeuroActive Instant is an innovative new product that transforms your favourite beverage into a cognitive enhancing power drink that provides almost instantaneous focus, concentration & motivation. It comes in single serving powder sachets which you can simply tear open, add the contents to your beverage of choice (for example a cup of coffee, energy drink or pre-workout), stir or shake until dissolved and enjoy. The powder itself is tasteless and consists of a fast acting nootropic blend which is safe, health promoting, and void of negative side effects.

    • Powerful nootropic blend for a rapid acting boost
    • Small & convenient sachets for use on-the-go
    • Tasteless powder which dissolves effortlessly

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  • Directions: Tear open and pour the contents of 1 powder sachet into your favourite liquid beverage, stir or shake until dissolved and enjoy. Can be taken at 1 sachet per day or for use as needed, when an extra boost is required.

    Ingredients: Each single serving powder sachet contains a propriety nootropic blend of Oxiracetam, Fasoracetam, CDP-Choline, L-Tyrosine & L-Theanine