CRL-40,941, or fluorafinil, is a higher potency eugeroic related to Adrafinil and Modafinil. Eugeroics are substances that promote prolonged alertness and wakefulness after administration. Flmodafinil is said to be the closest alternative to Modafinil and is currently being researched for the treatment of various ailments including ADHD, Narcolepsy and Alzheimer’s Disease. It has a higher affinity for dopamine transporters than Modafinil translating to lower dosage thresholds.

Studies and reports indicate that Fadrafinil may:
  • Be A Higher Potency Eugeroic & Strong Dopaminergic Nootropic
  • Enhance Focus, Concentration & Alertness
  • Alleviate Drowsiness, Fatigue & Lack Of Sleep
  • Increase Wakefulness Without Jitters or Over-Stimulation

Additional: In an effort to improve our environmental footprint, we will no longer include a free Scoop Pack with nootropic powders. Please ensure you add a Scoop Pack to your order if required.

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