About NeuroActive

NeuroActive is a next generation online supplement store based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company was established in early 2017, with the ultimate goal of awakening the South African market to a new era in brain enhancement and self optimization. As the brand starts to establish itself in the  homes and lives of people throughout the country; we are planning for the future, and are excited about all the innovative products and value additions we will incorporate moving forward.

What motivates us

Driven from a passion for cutting edge science and self optimization innovation, in a time when the world needs it most. A time that calls for people to become smarter, stronger, faster, more flexible and better able to cope with the challenges and stresses of modern day society. Our single most important goal at NeuroActive is to enable anyone to become the very best they can be, and reach peak performance in their daily lives. 

Our promise to you

Our promise to you is to stock only the very best products in terms of quality, safety, efficacy and value. Whether you are an athlete in training; an academic with aspirations of genius level intellect; an executive who aims to take your company and career to new heights; or a health enthusiast looking to live a long and happy life. Our products are carefully considered and selected to help you reach your goals and in doing so, become NeuroActive.