Neuro Day Plus

    • Neuro Day Plus is a revolutionary new product that takes cognitive enhancement to a whole new level. At its core is our internationally recognised Neuro Day formulation with the added benefit of Neuro Natural and Bromantane. The ingredients of this 3-in-1 product works synergistically to provide the user with effortless brain performance, clarity of mind and whole day sustainable energy, whilst being entirely non-distracting.

    • Ideal for use by students, business executives, entertainers, athletes or anyone who demands peak brain function & performance when needed most.

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      • Phenylpiracetam is a powerful nootropic used to enhance cognition and is unique in its ability to boost athletic performance.
      • Coluracetam has been used to help memory, learning & mood by improving choline uptake in the brain.
      • CDP Choline is best known for its ability to enhance memory and protect the brain from age related memory loss.
      • For people with mild anxiety or depression, Tianeptine Sulfate can have significant mood enhancing effects.
      • Known for its nootropic properties, Acetyl-L-Carnitine enhances energy and alleviates the effects of ageing.
      • Coenzyme Q10 is an essential nutrient required by every single cell in the body and aids mitochondria during energy production.
      • Alpha-Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient that is involved in energy metabolism and protects the brain.
      • N-Acetylcysteine is essential in replenishing and maintaining Glutathione levels in the body and has antioxidant effects.
      • PQQ is a unique natural nootropic that enhances the formation of new mitochondria and increases cellular energy production.
      • Lion's Mane Mushroom Extract has the ability to permanently enhance brain function as well as protect the brain and even promote neurogenesis. 
      • Curcumin has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant.
      • Used for thousands of years, Ginkgo Biloba is known as a memory enhancer and brain protectant.
      • Best known for its ability to enhance memory, Phosphatidylserine also protects the brain from age related memory loss.
      • Bromantane improves both mental and physical performance while inhibiting fatigue.
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    • Adults over 18 years of age: Take 2 capsules per day as needed, before mentally and/or physically demanding tasks. Dosing schedule is best utilised as 4-5 times per week with 2-3 off-days. If possible, take with a small amount of healthy fats for example butter coffee with coconut oil.

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