• Pramiracetam is a true brain booster that can improve memory, concentration, and especially focus. Its unique properties make it a powerful brain performance optimizer on its own and an invaluable addition to other nootropics.

    *Capsule variant contains approximately 300mg Pramiracetam per 1 capsule serving.

    *Comes with a free  orange measuring scoop that measures approximately 300mg Pramiracetam per compressed level scoop.

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    *Pramiracetam powder may cause a burning sensation in the mouth, it is best to mix with a liquid such as milk before use. 

  • Studies and reports indicate that Pramiracetam may:
    • Strongly Enhance Focus & Concentration
    • Improve Memory & Expand Learning Capacity
    • Enhance Cognitive Functioning & Neuroprotection
  • 1) - Pramiracetam

    2) - Pramiracetam

    3) - Pramiracetam

    4) - Pramiracetam

  • Like any nootropic, the pramiracetam dosage will vary from person to person. It is suggested that one take 300 mg twice per day (600 mg total), but recommendation ranges go all the way up to 1200 mg per day.

    There are no human trials that point to 1200 mg as the optimal dosage, but it is best to start at the lower end and move upward as you see fit and if it works well with your brain chemistry.

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