• Phenylpiracetam is a lesser-known member of the racetam family of nootropics but has seen an increase in popularity over the past couple of years. Not only is Phenylpiracetam a powerful cognitive enhancer, it is also unique in its ability to boost athletic performance.

    *Capsule variant contains approximately 100mg Phenylpiracetam per 1 capsule serving.

    *Comes with a free long white measuring scoop that measures approximately 100mg Phenylpiracetam per scoop.

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  • Studies and reports indicate that Phenylpiracetam may:
    • Improve Memory Retention, Consolidate & Recall Memory
    • Increase Learning Capacity
    • Boost Alertness & Focus
    • Enhances Physical Performance
    • Elevate Mood
  • 1) - Phenylpiracetam

    2) - Phenylpiracetam

    3) - Phenylpiracetam

    4) - Phenylpiracetam

  • A typical dose of phenylpiracetam ranges from 100-200 mg per dose. Due to its potent effects, it is recommended to start at the lower end of the dosage range and then increasing if necessary.

    Tolerance to phenylpiracetam is reported to develop relatively quickly. Therefore, it is not advised to take it as a daily supplement but instead as a tool to augment your abilities when you need it the most or to cycle it periodically.

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