• Hydrafinil (9-Fluorenol) is a new eugeroic substance that is related to Modafinil. It is reported by users whom respond well to the product to be just as effective as at wakefulness promotion and has less interactions. Hydrafinil's duration is shorter, making it easier to dose more effectively, without having to wait 10 hours for the effects to wear off. This compound was investigated by Cephalon to be the successor to Modafinil, it shows no toxicity and no liver interactions than Modafinil does. There are however more instances of non-responders with this product than traditional Modafinil alternatives.

    *Comes with a free short white measuring scoop that measures approximately 100mg Hydrafinil per scoop.

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  • Studies and reports indicate that Hydrafinil may:
    • Be An Eugeroic & Dopaminergic Nootropic
    • Increase Focus, Concentration & Alertness
    • Alleviate Drowsiness & Fatigue
    • Increase Wakefulness Without Jitters or Over-Stimulation
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