Introducing our most innovative DUAL-PHASE nootropic product, NOOBRAIN from Neuroactive.

NooBrain, is your one stop formulation for all-day focus, clarity, energy, motivation and cognitive performance!

With the innovative dual-phase approach, NooBrain kickstarts your day with Phase 1 in the morning, followed by a top-up from Phase 2 in the afternoon to ensure you are running at your peak, all-day. 

Each "Phase" is strategically formulated, with Phase 1 providing a well-rounded set of synergistic ingredients for a heightened mental state, while Phase 2 aims to prolong the effects, providing an added boost in focus and most importantly replenishing core neurotransmitters for optimal cognitive function. 

  • Focus & Energy 
  • Memory & Clarity 
  • Mood & Motivation
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