My Successful Experiment with Nootropics for Memory Improvement (Guest Blog)


Let’s face it. You’re here because you’re looking for a way to sharpen your memory and improve your life.

Whether you’re a working professional, an online marketer, an entrepreneur or a stock trader, you could use something that helps unleash the “sweet spot” in your brain. That sweet spot - the brain area linked to learning, attention, and memory - doesn’t switch on without a little outside help.

If left unstimulated, your brain experiences mental fatigue, memory loss, lack of concentration, stress, anxiety and everything else that suppresses your natural ability to give 100%.

Have you heard of nootropics for memory enhancement? These are cognitive enhancing drugs that deliver maximum benefits to the brain with little to no side effects. It was featured as a fictional drug in the movie Limitless.

If you had seen the film, you’ll remember how this pill changed a struggling author into a stock market expert amassing millions of dollars on a small investment and finally becoming the President of the United States. Don’t get me wrong, the real nootropics aren’t going to make you the President of the country, but they can help you go from 100% to 120%.


Nootropics by Definition

By definition, nootropics are a class of brain supplements created to boost brain functioning in a range of aspects. They work on selected neurons and neurotransmitters to give the brain a sudden burst of energy, which naturally improves your concentration, focus, memory, and logical thinking.

As far as taking nootropics for brain enhancement is concerned, the choice is just endless – you have Noopept, Piracetam, Pramiracetam, Oxiracetam and several other drugs that are made to deliver more or less the same effect i.e to boost your brainpower.

Have you given a shot at one or more of these? Did you experience mediocre results? Well, this is something I have heard from some of buddies. I’ll tell you what - if you haven’t got the desired results, it’s easy to label nootropics as another smart marketing scam, but the truth is – Nootropics actually work!

That, of course, depends on what nootropics you take, at what time you take them, and how much you take. I take nootropics every day, and have been immensely benefitted from it. I swear!


My Experience

I remember going crazy after reading a rave of reviews online about how Pramiracetam helped people to improve their short-term memory, especially where one user reported magical results in just three days. Man, I was going to need this. Without wasting a minute, I ordered 200 grams of Pramiracetam online so that I could be the next Brad Cooper in real life.

I was champing at the bit, and when the package arrived, I impatiently tore the box and popped in the Capsule. So foolish was I at the time, I took 400 mg in a single gulp not wanting to wait anymore. I waited… 10 minutes passed… 20 minutes passed… 40 minutes passed… 1 hour… and 2 hours… WTF! I experienced no change for the rest of the day. In fact, I was frustrated and disheartened on how thousands of people like me are losing their marbles over this drug.

However, a week later, I decided to give one more shot at it – but this time with a different nootropic. I ordered Noopept and stacked it with Choline because it was the most popular nootropic stack online. I was very tired that day after 18 hours of non-stop work without rest. But, I was blown away by how my nootropic stack smashed my tiredness and fatigue and gave me an instant supply of energy and concentration. Was it a magic? I tried the same combo the next day, and yet again, it worked!

This restored my faith in nootropics and I started exploring more. Some worked, some didn’t. For example, I respond well to Noopept but not to Pramiracetam. I have heard similar experiences from many other users too.


Final Thoughts

Finally I found that the effect of nootropics largely varies from person to person based on their tolerance, age, gender, and health. What is Piracetam for one person could be Noopept for another.

You get to discover your best nootropics only by trial and error method. I found what works for me, and there are tens of thousands of others who have found which nootropic works for them. There is no reason why you shouldn’t. Go ahead and explore the top rated nootropics out there. Happy Nootropics hunting!




About the Author:

Dan Fries is an entrepreneur and published author in the field of translational oncology. Dan's work has been featured in journals such as Cancer Discovery and Cancer Research. He is also the founder of Corpina Nootropics, with a mission to inform the world about nootropics and responsible brain supplementation.